With his incomparable charm, personality, dedication and hard work, Roberto Facciolla has been an integral part of the Toscana Restaurant Group family since the age of nineteen. Over the years he has steadily advanced in his knowledge of the hospitality industry and was awarded the position of Manager of the popular Bar Toscana.




Facciolla grew up on his family’s farm in the Puglia region of Italy where they grew grapes and olives and produced wine and their own olive oil. Like many other Italians, Roberto’s childhood experiences sparked an interest in food and wine, leading him to schooling at Benedetto XIII in Remini, Italy where he majored in hospitality and earned a 3rd level Sommelier d’Italia, certified with the IACCW.




Facciolla has happily followed his dreams in America.  He considers himself to be a wine guru and natural musician, and plays the piano by ear. He is an excellent home chef where he and wife, Michelle, regularly entertain friends and family in Los Angeles.